Personal Brand – Do you have one?

While it is commonly accepted that all businesses rely on brand recognition, including those in the engineering sector, personal branding is potentially something we spend less time cultivating.

It’s common to hear and see CEO’s and corporate leaders promoting their own brand. It’s less common at other levels within organisations. The value and benefit of personal branding is powerful, irrespective of your role, title or job description. No matter the level of your role, you have a reputation worth managing. Branding is a key approach to this.

Once individuals identify the value of branding, and consciously promote it to others, the benefits flow and can contribute significantly to career development.

So how do you identify and promote your own personal brand?

Using the same principles that apply to business makes the process easier.

Firstly, your approach must be authentic and sincere. It shouldn’t be based on populist ideals or short term trends. Your brand should be based on core values and relate to what you truly stand for, what you feel passionate about and how you want others to identify you.

If this leads you to a set of values that differentiate you clearly, then your personal brand has value. The longer you honour those values the stronger your brand will be.

Maintaining consistency in the way you behave, without compromise, will ensure your personal brand grows gains strength and increases in value over time. This requires self-discipline and continual monitoring.

In establishing your core values, things to consider could potentially include:

  • Characteristics of you that you want to promote
  • A topic that you feel passionate about
  • The way you help or include others around you
  • Leadership qualities
  • Your approach to work
  • The type and quality of your work output
  • The type of work environment that suits you

Finally, none of this is useful unless you actively promote your brand. While communication is important in all forms, whether it be verbal, written or through social media, the most effective means is through behaviour. Establish what you stand for and act that way. The benefits will be profound.